Ears are important!

Too much wax in your ears can cause discomfort, impair hearing and cause infections. Cotton swabs and other ear cleaning solutions can be both painful and dangerous! Now, there’s a better way!

Why do you need Jiletim Earwax Remover

Soft Material

Spiral Head made of soft silicone, it is softer than any other similar product in the market, allowing you to remove earwax of different-sized ear holes without being hurt.

Easy Earwax Remover

No need to manually turn the spiral head. As long as you press and hold the button, it will automatically rotate with a comfortable strength in your ear canal, while removing the earwax but also for your ear canal massage.


Safe and Comfortable

Included 3 sizes of interchangeable very soft and safe helix-shape medical silicone tips to ensure proper insertion depth for all ages, keep a safer and more efficient operation with silicone head than the cotton swab. 100% safe and comfortable for infants, children and adults.

Simple to Use

Just insert two AAA batteries (Not Included), insert a suitable screw head, simply place the spiral grooved tip into your ear, click on the switch to use, and it has an LED light directly irradiate to the ear canal, clearly show how it works. It’s that easy.

Unlike alternative ear cleaning methods, the Jiletim Earwax Remover is designed to remove earwax while reducing the risk of injuring the eardrum or impair hearing. This reusable ear cleaner is more safe and useful, also more environmentally friendly.

About our product

Soft Material and spiral head

Easy Earwax Remover

Safe and Comfortable

Simple to Use

1 year warranty

Price: €29.99

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